Based on modular architecture, the Aria is perfect for organisations requiring anywhere from 130 to 500+ ports. By simply adding plug-in modules it will expand to accommodate new features or capacity, as your business needs dictate.

One Network – Multiple Applications

In a competitive business environment where customer service and satisfaction are paramount to success, the Aria’s ISDN focus offers you the widest possible choice of features to meet these demands.

From superior call quality to desktop video conferencing and cutting edge technology, such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to the creation of virtual private networks, our new generation phone systems will deliver the latest voice and data communication solutions.


Imagine a phone system that improves your staff’s efficiency in the way they handle calls, including making, answering and transferring.

Staff no longer have to waste time searching for telephone numbers of important customers – they can easily be located in the system’s own phone directory. And together with the last number redial feature, allowing staff to redial any of the last 10 numbers they have used, more time can be spent on areas of your business that add value and profitability.

The ease of answering a call and transferring it to the right person quickly and efficiently can sometimes be understated. This function may mean the difference between a satisfied or disgruntled customer. The Aria one touch transfer feature means calls are easier to process quickly and correctly.
A telephone system is not just about making or answering calls, it ’s about providing real benefits and solutions to your organisation. Solutions and benefits that improve efficiency, productivity and image.

No lost business

Locate staff wherever they are within your premises. Staff may be paged via handsets and alerted to important calls, or may be contacted on their own DECT wireless phone.

Advanced call waiting features, such as call waiting identification while on another call, allows you to answer those calls that cannot be missed. Together with voicemail, where customers can leave personalised messages, your organisation will no longer suffer from lost calls and lost business.

Control Costs

Reducing unnecessary call costs greatly improves the profitability of your organisation. Least cost routing allows your business to automatically take advantage of the cheapest call rates made available by network carriers.

Aria standard call reporting features help monitor calls being made by individual extensions and together with various call restrictions that may be placed on these extensions helps control call costs.

Where employees are away from their desk, Aria mobility options such as DECT or paging will connect callers and stop telephone tagging. Employees on the road can have their calls forwarded off-net to their mobile, providing callers transparent connections. Staff who are away can leave temporary messages offering the caller options to leave a message or be transferred (by the Auto Attendant) to another person or department.

These are just a few of the benefits the Aria PBX offers to ensure your callers receive the attention you want them to get.

• Distinctive ring cadences for recall, internal and external calls
• Call Waiting CLI displays the number of the second incoming caller
• Call accounting statistics output
• Five ring modes – Day, Night, On Demand, Weekend and Automatic
• Auto attendant call progress prompts

Auto Attendant

Callers expect to get through to the person they want. If that person is not available or not at their desk, the Aria PBX provides them the next best thing – options.

The multi-layered Auto Attendant offers callers a number of options, so they may select the one that best suits them. By pressing a single digit they can transfer to reception, off-net to a mobile or another site, choose to leave a message or activate a page.

Night messaging also allows you to offer your callers real live options outside of your normal business trading hours.


If you operate a call centre, it is possibly the communication hub of your business. Aria’s standard business software includes advanced ACD functionality for you to manage this important resource. You will benefit from productivity gains resulting from efficient call handling.

Call Centre Features and Statistics:

• Supervisor can re-route a queued call to a new destination
• Call monitoring by supervisor
• Agents can log on to multiple groups
• Call status on LCD handsets: number of calls in queue, longest time and average time
• Total calls and number of unanswered calls
• Average and longest queued calls
• Number and total time when all agents are busy
• Average ringing and service time

Computer Telephone Integration

CTI combines the power and resources of two of the most powerful tools in your organisation, the computer network and the telephone system, to create a valuable business application that can increase service levels and productivity.
PC Attendant Console
The Aria’s PC based attendant console with point and click operation can help process calls quickly and accurately in high call volume environments.

Call Centres

Management and call analysis software are valuable tools for call centres. Information provided by these applications can be made available to management, supervisors and agents anywhere on your LAN. Valuable real-time information, instructions and alerts are now available at a glance on staff computers.

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