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Duress Systems

Advanced Communications use reliable and quality equipment to provide leading edge duress systems coverage. We have the solution to keep lone or at-risk workers safe, regardless of the size of the environment.

Ekotek is a reliable, cost effective, wire-less staff protection system, providing location alerts and call acknowledgement. Designed to help protect staff in challenging environments, Ekotek enables staff to summon for assistance quickly and discreetly.

In an emergency situation, it is vital assistance is provided immediately. By a simple press of a button, staff can raise an alert, the precise location of the incident is known and designates personnel can go directly to the disturbance and help diffuse the situation.

Ekotek Health Care range of devices (Pagers & Call Fob) are designed to meet the needs of the Hospital environment. They are made from anti-bacterial compounds, are fully sealed, exceeding an IP66 rating, providing a robust, east to clean, tamper resistant onsite solution.

The Ekotek Pager is a multi-function device, displaying alarms from various devices including other Pagers, Call Fobs, Call Buttons & 3rd party systems, allowing the user to accept the alarm with acknowledgement, plus the ability to generate an alarm from the buttons (duress and assist), snatch cord(panic), Dead-Man or Man-Down features.

The Ekotek Call Fob allows both Emergency calls and Assistance calls to be raised utilizing the buttons on the device. It also supports the Dead-Man and Man-Down features configured with the Hub. On alarm activation, the location information from the repeater is sent to the Hub and then the Pagers within seconds. An LED, buzzer and vibrate motor are contained with the call fob and used to indicate call status and provide reassurance to the call initiator that assistance is on the way.

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