LG’s Aria 24ipe is part of a new class of communication systems, an IP-Enabled PBX. Built to support Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) while continuing to provide all the services, features and the reliability of a traditional business telephone system.

Powerful and easy to use

The powerful Aria 24 is built on revolutionary technology that provides features such as VoIP*, Networking*, Bluetooth, WiFi* handsets, computer telephony integration (CTI), USB connectivity and more.

It is the most powerful system designed to date in its class. In fact, it delivers virtually all of the features of the larger LG Aria systems, providing the most advanced communication tools for your business in today’s competitive environment.

Future Friendly Philosophy

As technology evolves, it is reassuring to know that LG incorporates a future-friendly philosophy into the design of all LG Aria phone systems. The Aria 24 supports 4 generations of digital handsets, dating right back with the first released in 1995.

7000 Series Handsets

LG’s new digital handsets have been designed for ease of use. They incorporate the functionality to help deliver more of the features and help provide the flexibility you need in today’s ever changing business environment.

One operating platform

The entire range of LG Aria systems is built on a uniform operating platform to provide a host of benefits to your business.

A single operating platform means handsets are compatible across the entire LG range from the Aria 24 through to the Aria 600. And all these systems are able to network together to integrate multiple office sites.

And looking to the future, the Aria 24 seamlessly integrates with LG iPECS pure IP phone system, so you won’t be caught with incompatible technology as you upgrade your communications network.

Move to VoIP at your own pace*

Aria 24 gives you the option to move to VoIP* when the time is right for you. Because it has evolved from traditional PBX technology it can be installed and operated as a traditional telephone system and at any stage you can progressively integrate VoIP into your business.

The advantages of integrating VoIP in stages means you don’t have to outlay large resources or expenditure to upgrade your entire data network to enjoy benefits such as toll savings between networked office sites and IP extensions into remote sites or home offices.

Aria 24ipe Handsets
Powerful Call Handling

Service is paramount in today’s competitive business environment, so the Aria 24 comes standard with powerful ACD (automatic call distribution) software, which automates call handling.

Auto Attendant

In busy situations where calls are placed into queues by the system, an affordable Auto Attendant module presents a professional image to your business by playing an announcement to calls that are not answered by the receptionist. The system can then offer the caller options such as single digit transferring to the service or department they require.

Communications made even easier

Attention to detail The stylish new handset range, available in limestone or charcoal, successfully delivers the ergonomics and functionality you want for efficient communications in your office.

LG’s intuitive layout provides easy access to features you need with navigation keys, displays on all handsets, ergonomic tear drop shaped buttons for easier dialling and call progress function keys on the display for one-touch access to system features.

Integrated Voice Messaging

And where your staff need a voice mail service, the Aria 24 has an affordable voice messaging option which offers Auto Attendant functionality and all of the practical features of a voice mail system without the expensive price tag.


Aria 24 offers the flexibility to help reduce the cost of managing your communication system. Programming changes and maintenance can be done remotely by accessing the system via modem or the Internet. Changes to the system can be implemented quickly and without the expense of a site visit.

Customer Administration Terminal (CAT)

Aria 24’s CAT software gives you the ability to manage your own phone system. In conjunction with your LG Aria Dealer, you can determine the level of access to grant to administration staff so they can make changes such as adjusting to daylight savings time, programming flexible buttons on any handset or even moving extensions to different hunt groups from their PC.

Remote Solution Options – IP Handset, RSG, Soft Phone*

The Aria 24 supports an IP phone or digital phone (via a Remote Service Gateway module*) into your home office or remote office.

The remote handset is a fully functional extension that can make and receive calls through the office phone system, with the display and LED’s functioning exactly as if you were on your office phone.

Ideal for the business traveller, the Aria 24 also supports a soft IP phone*, which is installed onto your laptop. This gives you the freedom to access, and be part of, your business phone system from anywhere in the world, through a broadband service or wireless hotspot.

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