Maintenance Agreement

Your telephone system does a lot of work you. Similar to a car, every 10,000km your car needs a service! Don't wait till your telephone system breaks down, you may be waiting for up to 48-72 hours? With the Premium Maintenance Agreement, this guarantees our attendance within 2 hours on a major breakdown.

A maintenance agreement is critical for the ongoing reliability of your phone system as well as the progress of your business. We often forget how vital our phones are to our business. They are our primary source of contact with our customers.

Should the phone system fail, we GUARANTEE to have immediate assistance within 2 hours of your call being logged with our customer service department. This is our commitment to you.

Advanced Communications Maintenance Program is your piece of mind and is especially designed to suit the requirements of your phone system. It is the health insurance for your phone system that insures that your business stays in touch with your customers!

So treat your Phone System to a Maintenance Agreement - and 'Keep your Business Talking'.. Invest NOW !

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