Toshiba Phone Systems

Toshiba CTX28

The Strata CTX28 telephone system gives your business the ability to easily and professionally handle calls, enhance employee productivity, please customers, and plan for future growth.

The CTX28 is designed with your small business in mind, enabling you to start affordably with just the features you need, and expand capacity and capability when your requirements change - without losing your initial investment.CTX28 System


Enjoy versatility.

Every dollar counts when you are a growing business. And the Strata CTX28 makes sure that every dollar you invest on your telecommunications system remains well spent. It all starts with Toshiba's unique, wall-mountable, modular design.

What begins with eight digital telephone ports, one analog telephone port, and three CO lines with Caller ID can easily double in capacity to include 16 digital telephone ports, six CO lines, and two analog station ports.
So you can add employee stations, telephone numbers, fax lines, and voicemail with near plug-and-play ease.

The Strata CTX28 even protects your investment should your needs eventually require a larger Toshiba telephone system. Simply upgrade and take your telephones with you. Virtually all telephones integrate easily with your new equipment.

Choose from a variety of available telephone models to meet each of your users' specific needs, from desk speakerphones and cordless telephones to specialized answering solutions like the 20-button Add-On Module or 60-button DSS Console, or Strata CTX Attendant Console.

Simplify communications.

Your telecommunications system - no matter how technologically advanced - should always remain true to its primary purpose: that of helping you communicate more easily, more effectively, and more conveniently.

The Strata CTX28 sophisticated, yet simple, design enables you and your employees to take care of business without having to master complicated procedures or learning intricate new features. With a short introduction, you'll be using all its advanced functions in no time.

The telephone's LCD display makes it easy to access and use key functions through feature prompting that displays simple, clear instructions. Programmable buttons save time by putting key capabilities just a push-button away.

Built-in Caller ID helps you decide which calls to accept now, and which to send to voice mail.

Features like Auto Attendant and voice mail maintain your professional company image at any hour, and are critical during times when employees of many hats are focused on other important tasks and are unable to tend to the telephone.

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