Toshiba Phone Systems

Toshiba CIX 100

Toshiba's new powerful and durable CIX100 enables you to decide when to embrace the new IP technology and make a phased entry into the telephony protocol you need in the future.CIX 100


The design of the Toshiba CIX range allows you to mix and match IP, digital and analogue handsets or use all IP handsets depending on your unique needs.

Modular in architecture. Scalable in design. The CIX100 lets you combine CO lines,handsets, and peripherals in any configuration - and the ability to expand your system as you grow.

The CIX100 has been engineered to provide all the advanced features developed from years of R & D - to small and medium business enterprises.

For a Strata CTX28 brochure click here PDF (1.01Mb)